10 Famous scientists who never received Nobel Prize


 Inventor and engineer, known for pioneering work in AC electrical systems and wireless technology.

Nikola Tesla:

Discovered pulsars but wasn't awarded the Nobel Prize.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell:

Contributed to DNA structure but overlooked for the Nobel Prize.

Rosalind Franklin:

Made significant contributions to quantum physics and particle physics.

Richard Feynman

Renowned paleontologist and evolutionary biologist.

Stephen Jay Gould:

The self-taught mathematical genius who made remarkable contributions to number theory and mathematical analysis. Although he was not awarded a Nobel Prize, his work continues to influence

Stinivasa Ramanuian:

 A visionary scientist who played a key role in establishing India's space program. Although his work led to significant achievements, he did not receive a Nobel Prize.

Vikram Sarabhai:

A prominent aerospace engineer who played a crucial role in India's civilian space program and missile development. He later served as the President of India but did not receive a Nobel Prize.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam:

 Prolific American inventor, known for the phonograph incandescent light• bulb, and motion pictures, but never awarded aNobel Prize.

 Thomas Edison: