10 benefits of a 10 minute yoga practice

benefits of yoga

incorporating just 10 minutes of yoga into your daily routine can lead to numerous physical and mental HEALTH BENEFITS

a quick yoga session can claim your mind reduce stress and improve your overall mental well being

stress reduction

 regular 10 minutes yoga help increase flexibility making daily movement easy and reducing the RISK OF INJURY

improved flexibility 

Himalaya SiddhAA Akshar ,founder of AkshaR yoga KedRAA  sAYS "yoga can help you develop better posTURE, ALLEVIATING BACK AND NECK PAIN CAUSED BY  POOR ALIGNMENT

better posture 

 even a short session can build muscle strength particularly in a core, arms, and legs

enhance strength

 practicing yoga for just 10 minutes can iNVIGORATE, you leaving you feeling more ENERGIZED AND READY TO TACKLE YOUR DAY

boosted energy

yoga release ENDORPHINS, which can improve your mood and combat feelings of anxiety or depression

mood enhancement

focused breathing exercise in Yoga enhance lungs capacity and overall respiratory health

improved breathing 

regular short yoga session can promote better sleep patterns helping you wake up refreshed

better sleep  

yoga can aid in weight loss or maintenance by increasing Awareness of your body and promoting MINDFUL EASTING

weight management  

a quick yoga break can boost concentration and productivity making it valuable addition to your work day

enhanced focus