5 benefits of oiling hair daily

According to experts, hair oil serves a range of purposes beyond simply making the hair softer and smoother. Its benefits extend to strengthening the roots, preventing hair fall, delaying the appearance of grey hair, and maintaining a healthy scalp.

1. Detangle

Nobody enjoys dealing with tangled and unruly hair. Applying hair oil can help you eliminate this problem. "Hair oil acts as a lubricant, making it easier to detangle your hair and providing a polished appearance by smoothing the outer layer of each strand," says hair expert Jawed Habib.

3. Rejuvination

Whether you expose your hair to harsh chemicals, pollution, sun, or heat styling tools, hair oils come to the rescue, guarding against potential damage. "Hair oils, especially herbal oils, act as a protective barrier against factors that harm the hair," says Namita Pandharipande, R&D- Personal Care, Netsurf Communications.

4. Nourishment

Experts agree that when you apply hair oil and leave it for a while it revitalises your locks, making them healthier and stronger.

5. Hydration

Regular oiling is an effective way to maintain its natural moisture balance. "Applying hair oil plays an important role in preserving the moisture content of the hair, effectively combating issues such as dryness, frizz, and breakage," says Habib. The oil forms a protective barrier that seals in the moisture.