Best 11 Trending Mangalsutra Designs for 2023

Mangalsutra with intricate kundan work. This looks exquisite and royal.

Mangalsutra with filigree work: The exquisite traditional design is made in 22k gold.

Manga|sutra with gemstones are unique and it goes well with western and Indian wear. The gemstones are placed in the gold pendant.

Black beads mangalsutra has no pendant. For those who doesn't like gold jewellery.

Mangalsutra with Meenakari Work: This is a vivid and eve-catching design

Mangalsutra with Pendant: A versatile design with a detachable pendant that can be worn separately or with the mangalsutra

Minimalist Mangalsutra: It has a simple small size pendant with black beads chain.

Mangalsutra with temple jewellery design: The gold pendant has temple jewellery motifs. The South Indians wear it on special occasions.

Pearl Mangalsutra creates a delicate and feminine design

Traditional Gold Mangalsutra: A classic design with black beads and a gold pendant that includes auspicious svmbols such as two-tone gold balls

Diamond Mangalsutra: With diamonds embedded in the gold pendant, this is a new take on a traditional stvle