Best Cultural Festivals Around The World

Cheese lovers, this one’s for you! In Trujillo, Spain, they have a Cheese Festival. Cheese makers from everywhere bring their best cheese to compete.

National Cheese Festival, Spain

Picture this: a whole week of art and human bodies coming together. It happens in Austria, a small town called Poertschach. Artists from around the world gather here to paint stunning designs on people’s bodies

World Body Painting Festival, Austria

Imagine making sand sculptures on the beach – that’s what happens in Port Aransas, Texas. Every April, people gather to create incredible sand art

Sandfest, Texas

Now here’s something unique. In Scotland’s northern islands, they have a festival where they set a huge Viking ship on fire! After that, there are 36 hours of all kinds of cool stuff.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, Scotland

You’ve probably heard about the famous bull run in Pamplona, right? Well, this festival is all about that, but there’s more to it.

San Fermin Festival, Spain

In Nederland, Colorado, there’s a festival centered around a frozen body that’s been there for about 20 years. It’s mysterious, but the locals love celebrating it.

Frozen Dead Guy Days, Colorado    

When it comes to legendary festivals, Oktoberfest is a big one. Held every September in Munich, Germany, it’s all about food and drinks.

Oktoberfest, Germany

Jaisalmer, India, hosts an awesome festival every February. It started as a tourist attraction, but now it’s a big celebration of India’s spirit

Desert Festival, India

New Orleans, Louisiana, knows how to throw a party. Their Mardi Gras festival in February is famous. There are costumes, music, parades, and lots of bead throwing.

Mardi Gras, Louisiana

Thailand’s Songkran festival is part of their massive New Year’s celebration. It lasts about three days and it’s all about water.

Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

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