10 Bollywood films that are FACTUALLY incorrect

while the film is inspired by PHOGAT families journey in wrestling it include matches with incorrect point POINT DIVISIONS AND A NEGATIVE PORTRAYAL OF GEETA'S POHGAT ACADEMY COACH, FOR ADDED DRAMA.


 it face criticism for poRTARYING a romantic relationship between Maratha GENERAL Bajirao and Mastani. THERE IS NO SUCH RECORD IN THE HISTROY.

the Kargil girl 2020 based on a real life story this movies at ACCUSED OF EXAGGERATING GENDER BIAS.

this courtroom drama was inspired by the real life k .m Nanavati case, but took dramatic liberates with the facts of case.

thE film is loosely based on the ESCAPING from Jail of the infamous serial killer, Charles sobhraj but in reality CHARLES NEVER ELOPED AND IS SERVING LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

Ajay Devgan'S characters based on Gangster Haji Mastan was shown to be killed by the character based on the DAwood IBRAHIM. BUT IN REALITY , HAJI MASTAN DIED OF CARDIAC ARREST.

this biographical film about Indian athlete MILKHA SINGH face criticism for showing Milkha personal set record as WORLD RECORD, AND OTHER DISTORTIONS IN TIMELINE AND ACTION.

the Indian Ambassador is shown in the negative light in the movie but in reality he helped hundreds of Indians EVACUTE FROM KUAWAIT DURING THE 1998 GULF WAR.

this biographical film about actor Sanjay Dutt has been criticized for whitewashing certain aspect of his life.

1some events of the film was FICITIONALIZED for cinematic purpose like Mary competing in world championship while HER SON BEING OPERATED ON. IN REALITY, THE OPERATION TOOK PLACE AFTER MARY HAD RETURED AS AN ASIAN GAMES GOLD MEDALIST.

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