different ways to make money as a photographer



here's a list of 6 ways photographers can make money

Offers your services for events weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings. Freelance work allows you to set your rates and build client base.

freelance photography

Sell your photos on stock photographic websites like shutterstock, Adobe stock, or getty images. You can earn royalties whenever your images are downloaded or purchase..

stock photography

Share your knowledge and expertise by teaching photography workshops or classes. These can be in-person or online and you can charge participants in your instructions..

photo workshops and classes

Compile your best work in coffee table books or calendars and sell them online or in local stores.

photo books and calendars

If you have strong editing skills, offer post- processing services to other photographers or clients looking to enhance their images..

photo editing and retouching

Submit your work to newspapers, magazines and online publications. Freelance photographers open contribute to news outlets and earn per assignment.

photo journalism