directors who have never had a flop film


main of the movement atLEE, who is ruling over the box office with his latest released Jawan, has never DIRECTED A FLOP FLIP AT BOX OFFICE.

Christopher Nolan 

with the success of OPPENHEIMER, Christopher Nolan added another film to his long list of box office hits.THE DIRECTOR HAS 17 FLIMS TO HIS CREDIT, BUT NONE HAVE REPORTEDLY BOMBED AT BOX OFFICE.

SS Rajamouli 

SS Rajamouli is currently the only Indian filmmaker with the 1000 crore films to his name. his major BOX OFFICE SUCCESSES INCLUDE THE BAAHUBALI AND RRR.

James Cameron  

James Cameron the director of Avatar franchise and Titanic has never really had a total failure at BOX OFFICE.

Rajkumar Hirani   

Rajkumar Hirani has only made five films to date all of which have been blocKBUSTER HITS. 


 greta greWIN is the only female director on this list she has not only had one of the most SUCCESSFUL RUNS AT THE BOX OFFICE , BUT ALSO WON CRITICAL ACCLAIM.

Ayan Mukherjee 

Ayan Mukherjee has only three films to his credit, but all three films has been blockBUSTED HITS, THE LATEST BEING BRAHMASTRA.

MEl Gibson 

MEL GIBSON has had a rockY film career as an actor, but he has had an Undisputed run as a director.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar may have seen many of his production fail at the box office, but his director ventures has NEVER FLOPPED AT BOX OFFICE .