MOST Expensive Barbie Dolls In The World



There’s also the Lorraine Schwartz Barbie, also known as the “Bling Barbie.”

The Abend Barbie Gala is another really expensive Barbie.It was sold for $13,673 in 2006.

Barbie In Midnight Pink is an old Barbie from 1965 that was sold for $8,557. It had a pink dress and a furry cloak.

Barbie In Midnight-Red is a fancier version of the Barbie In Midnight Pink. It was sold for a surprising $17,091.

The very first Barbie ever made is called the original Barbie. It came out in 1959 and is really valuable now.

The De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie, made in 1999, is also very fancy. It has diamonds on it and costs $85,000.

There’s also Barbie and the Diamond Castle, which is worth a whopping $94,800! It’s from a movie and has a lot of real diamonds on it.

The most expensive Barbie is the Stefani Canturi Barbie. It was made by a famous jewelry designer and costs a crazy $302,500!

The Barbie In Midnight Pink was sold for a huge $15,000. It was made by designers David and Phillipe Blond

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