So, you gotta join this super exclusive tour at the National Gallery before it’s even open to the public, man. An expert guide is gonna be there to show you all these famous artworks and tell you the stories behind them, all secret-like.

National Gallery Art Workshop

Get ready for a wild food journey, dudes! So, you’ve got this mix of Caribbean and British flavors happening at Original Flava. The guys there are gonna show you how they make their killer jerk sauce, and you get to chow down on dishes that totally blend both food vibes.

Carib-British Roast Fusion

Yo, if you’re all about cooking, you gotta hit up this awesome Asian cooking class with Zainab Pirzada, this big-shot cook. She’s gonna teach you all about those spices they use in Asian food, like the South Asian stuff.

Asian Cooking Extravaganza

Yo, if beer’s your jam, you gotta roll with Mark Dredge on this tour of London’s beer scene. You’re hitting up old pubs and new breweries, man.

Beer Odyssey with Mark Dredge

If you’re down to see London from way up high, you’ve gotta hop on the London Eye, this massive wheel thing. You get in these capsules that take you way up, and you get a sick view of famous places like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

London Eye: A Skyward Adventure

Yo, get ready to dive into the history of the Tower of London, this super old fortress that’s been all kinds of things. You wander around these old hallways that are like, centuries old, and you learn about all the stuff that’s gone down there.

Tower of London: Royal Gem

Hey, all you Harry Potter geeks! This is the spot for you. The Warner Bros. Studio in London is where all the movie magic went down. You get to see where they filmed stuff and learn some super cool trivia.

Harry Potter Magic: Warner Bros Studio Tour

Dudes, you’ve gotta hit up Madame Tussauds and get up close and personal with wax versions of all your fave celebs. Seriously, they look so real, and you can take selfies with them and stuff.

Madame Tussauds London: Meet the Stars

Chill vibes, people! At Heathrow Airport, you can totally escape the usual chaos and kick back in a fancy lounge. You get comfy chairs, super fast Wi-Fi, and a legit bar.

Luxury Lounge Experience: Heathrow Airport

Soccer heads, listen up! You’re gonna love this special tour at Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal plays. You get to check out the changing room, the tunnel, and all that cool stuff.

Emirates Stadium Discovery