First woman to be elected to US Congress

1. Jeannette Rankin was a suffragist and social activist who became the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1916.

2. Rankin's election was a significant milestone for women's suffrage and paved the way for future generations of female politicians.

3. Rankin faced discrimination and hostility from some of her male colleagues, but she remained undeterred in her advocacy for women's rights, labor reforms, and pacifist causes.

4. Rankin voted against U.S. entry into World War I, a decision that made her unpopular with many Americans.

5. Despite facing political isolation, Rankin remained steadfast in her belief in pacifism.

6. Rankin's legacy is one of courage, determination, and unwavering commitment to equality.

7. She broke down barriers for women in politics, inspiring generations of women to pursue their dreams and challenge the status quo.

8. Her election marked a turning point in American history, paving the way for a more inclusive and representative government.

9. Rankin's life and career serve as a reminder of the power of individual action to effect change.

10. Her unwavering commitment to her beliefs, even in the face of adversity, is an inspiration to us all.