Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items

Potato as Silverware Polish: A humble potato, when rubbed on tarnished silverware, can restore its shine.

Comb as Lint Remover: A comb, with its fine teeth, can effectively remove lint from delicate fabrics like sweaters and scarves

Toothpaste as Stain Remover: Toothpaste, with its mild abrasives, can tackle various stains, from pen marks on walls to scuffs on leather shoes

Peanut Butter as Jar Lid Opener: Stubborn jar lids can be conquered with the help of peanut butter.

Newspaper as Window Cleaner: Newspaper, with its soft texture and ink-absorbing properties, makes an excellent streak-free window cleaner

Coffee Filter as Coffee Strainer: A coffee filter can double as a makeshift strainer for various purposes.

Salt as Rust Remover: Salt, when mixed with lemon juice, forms a potent rust remover.