Most Beautiful Skyscrapers In The World



Dubai, United Arab Emirates Burj Khalifa: 828 meters

Dubai boasts the tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, at 828 meters. It features luxury hotels, residences, and offices.

Skytree Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan: 634 meters high

Tokyo’s Skytree, at 634 meters, is a broadcasting tower with shopping, an aquarium, and more. It was constructed to withstand earthquakes and offers breathtaking views from its observation platforms.

Shanghai, China, the Shanghai Tower: 632 meters 

Shanghai’s Tower, reaching 632 meters, serves as both offices and a hotel. It’s known for its speedy elevators and took six years to complete.

Royal Tower of Makkah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia: 601 meters

Mecca’s Makkah Royal Tower, standing at 601 meters, is part of a complex housing a high-end hotel, and its clock is a notable feature visible from afar.

Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China: 600 meters

China’s Canton Tower, 600 meters tall, is unique with its colorful lights, shopping, restaurants, and even safety features like large water tanks for typhoon prevention.

Shenzhen, China’s Ping An International Finance Center: 599 meters

Shenzhen’s Ping An International Finance Center, 599 meters high, is mostly offices due to height restrictions. Originally, it was planned to be even taller.

Seoul, South Korea’s Lotte World Tower: 555 meters

Seoul’s Lotte World Tower, 555 meters, is part of an entertainment complex and saw construction halt and resume before its completion.

Canada’s Toronto CN Tower: 553.33 meters

Canada’s Toronto CN Tower, 553.33 meters, offers a glass-floored observation deck and remains iconic despite losing its title as the tallest.

Russia’s Ostankino Tower in Moscow: 540 meters

Moscow’s Ostankino Tower, 540 meters, was once the tallest and features its own broadcasting. It gained height due to an antenna replacement.

New York, USA’s One World Trade Center: 534 meters

Lastly, New York’s One World Trade Center, 534 meters, stands as a tribute to 9/11 attacks. It has 104 floors with offices and restaurants.