Most Difficult Languages to Learn in the World

Mandarin is universally regarded as the toughest language to learn. The language, which is spoken by more than a billion people worldwide, can be very challenging for speakers of languages that employ the Latin writing system.


The sixth official language of the UN and the second most difficult language to master is Arabic, the queen of poetic languages. With more than 300 million speakers, it is quite common in the Middle East and Africa.


Telugu, known as the 'Italian of the East, is a lovely but challenging language for non-native speakers who are unfamiliar with Sanskrit or any other common Southern Indian languages.


Those who have spent their entire lives learning languages like English, Spanish, or French will find Japanese to be one of the most challenging, but those who are fluent in East Asian languages may find it to be simple.


Turkish is a very well-known language with a fascinating history and culture. Because of its pronunciation, grammar, and listening requirements, it can appear to non-native speakers to be the most challenging language.


One of the most well-known European languages, Russian is spoken by more than 150 million people worldwide. When learning this language, it is simple to make spelling and pronunciation mistakes.


Vietnamese is another challenging language to learn. It is widely spoken in Vietnam and is considered a minority language in the Czech Republic. Vietnamese is a tonal language with several different dialects.