Most Expensive Football Trophies In The World 2023

FIFA World Cup trophy

The FIFA World Cup trophy holds the highest value, at $20 million. Designed by Silvio Gazzaniga in 1974, it’s awarded every four years to the World Cup champion.

Copa Libertadores trophy, worth $8.5 million, is awarded to the victor of the annual competition. It has a unique rule where winners get to keep the trophy temporarily.

Copa Libertadores trophy

UEFA Europa League trophy, valued at $4.5 million, is the third most valuable. It stands out as one of the heaviest sports trophies, weighing 15 kg, and lacks handles.

UEFA Europa League trophy

The FA Cup, valued at $1.18 million, is the world’s oldest national football tournament. Its current version, created in 2013, is a meticulous reproduction of the 1911 original.

FA Cup

Ballon d’Or, valued at $805,439, is a prestigious individual award presented annually since 1956. The trophy’s intricate creation involves various processes.

Ballon d’Or

African Cup of Nations trophy, worth $150,000, has undergone design changes and is associated with the history of the competition’s winners.

african Cup of Nations trophy 

Italian Serie A trophy, valued at $66,000, is awarded to the top Italian football league winner. Its distinctive funnel shape and historical significance make it notable..

Italian Serie A trophy

Bundesliga Meisterschale, valued at $57,102, is awarded to winners of the German football league and has a rich history.

Bundesliga Meisterschale

UEFA Champions League trophy, with its changing designs over the years, is one of the most expensive awards in sports.

UEFA Champions League trophy

English Premier League trophy, valued at $10,000, holds immense importance in English football and features a unique system of having two trophies.

English Premier League trophy

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