Most Expensive Pens In The World

Made by Tibaldi in Italy, this pen features unique designs and rare black diamonds, making it truly one-of-a-kind. It was auctioned for charity in Shanghai.

Fulgor Nocturnus by Tibaldi – $8 million:

Montblanc presents this elegant pen made from white gold, adorned with over 1,400 diamonds, including the company’s logo.

Montblanc Boehme Royal Pen – $1.5 million

The Diamante pen by Aurora stands out with its 2,000 diamonds, uniquely sourced from DeBeers Jewellers, and it’s the only pen of its edition.

Diamante by Aurora – $1.28 million

Inspired by planets, this pen by Anita Tan is adorned with 161 diamonds and 43 carats of 2-billion-year-old gemstones, creating a truly remarkable design.

Heaven Gold Pen by Anita Tan – $995,510

Released as a limited edition, this pen comes with emeralds, sapphires, or rubies, offering a touch of luxury.

Mystery Masterpiece by Montblanc and Van Cleef and Arpels – $730,000

This Swiss-made pen boasts rosettes, 72 rubies, 72 emeralds, and over 900 diamonds on the cap, creating a luxurious appearance.

Caran d’Ache Gothica Pen – $406,450

This handmade pen is dedicated to Antonio Gaudi and features 20 karats of exquisite diamonds.

Caran D’Ache La Modernista Diamond Pen – $265,000

Following Prince Rainier’s passing, Montblanc created a limited-edition pen with diamonds, rubies, white gold, and yellow gold.

Montblanc Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81 Pen – $256,000

Known for exclusivity and quality, Montblanc offers this limited-edition pen with a luxurious reputation.

Limited Edition Boehme Papillion Pen by Montblanc – $230,410

Created by Omas, this limited-edition pen is associated with champagne-making and features impressive materials.

Perrier-Jouët Anniversary Edition pen by Omas – $134,700

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