7 Most Fragrant Flowers You Can Easily Grow In Your Garden

Tuberose (Rajanigandha)

A highly fragrant flower, commonly referred to as 'Rajanigandha' or 'Gulchhadi' in local parlance, is a plant suitable for cultivation in pots placed near windows and balconies. Upon planting, it continues to yield white,


Beyond their appearance and diverse colour palette, roses are renowned for their distinctive, well-recognised scent. Certain types of roses, particularly those that are edible and native, are cultivated exclusively for the aromatic fragrance emanating from


Jasmine is the most aromatic flower suitable for cultivation in your home garden. There are numerous well-known jasmine species such as Jai, Juhi, Bela, Mogara, Chameli, and more. The majority of these are ever-green climbing plants that can thrive when grown in

Nyctanthes (Paarijat/Harsingar)

This exquisite shrub, which blossoms at night, finds mention in ancient Indian texts. It can be cultivated in pots and needs regular pruning. The shrub produces abundant nighttime blooms, which fall off and create a carpet of flowers by the morning.

Cestrum (Raat ki raani)

Every fragrant garden in India must include the enchanting night-blooming Cestrum, an essential addition. This shrub can be cultivated in pots, and it undergoes flowering cycles all year round.

Magnolia (Champa)

These flowers are among the most fragrant you can find. In India, there are several small-sized flowering plants collectively known as 'Champa', although they may or may not have botanical connections. Prominent genera within this category include Magnolia, Michelia. Plumeria. and various others.

Ketaki (Kewda)

The magnificent Indian Kewda has an exquisite, rich fragrance that remains potent even in its dried form. Kewda plants naturally thrive in marshy regions, forming miniature forests. These are also used as smell

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