7 motorcycles with highest emotional connection in India

The royal Enfield bullet is not just a motorcycle it is a lifestyle it is a whole culture in itself. This motorcycle is iconic that it has even been passed down in families from generations.

Royal Enfield

This is one of the best selling motorcycles in India and there is no logical explanation why. The bond this motorcycle has formed with the people of the country is not something that can be put across in the world and this motorcycle truly deserve an appreciation for that.

Hero Splendor

The Bajaj Pulsar is a series of motorcycles that is available in different specifications and budgets and it is arguably in the 21st century.

Bajaj Pulsar

Yezi is a motorcycle brand that was quite popular in India in the later half of the 19th century. To the rejoice of the Indian people the company was recently revived by Indian auto maker Mahindra.


In 2018 Indian automotive giant Mahindra brought the Jawa brand back to Life. Jawa is a legendary motorcycle brand and people revered these bikes long after their is discontinuation in the market.


Hero MotoCorp recently revived the Karizma name plate and introduced the all new versions of the motorcycle with the product name karizma xmr. This motorcycle is quite popular among young  people who are essentially 90s kids.

Hero Karizma

The Yama has become a cult classic in the lowest timeframe. The Yamaha R15 was the first mass segment motorcycle with true sport bike styling and most enthusiasts of the modern age have graduated to racing bikes from this motorcycle.

Yamaha R15

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