Top 10 Cruelty Free Beauty Brands You Can Actually Use

Brands like Smith & Cult care about not testing on animals, and so does KVD Vegan Beauty. They don’t use things from animals and they changed their stuff to fit their beliefs.

Smith & Cult care

Beautycounter also cares about not testing on animals. They’ve been doing it since they started because they think animal testing is wrong.

Beauty counter

Vesca is new and they want to include all skin colors. They don’t use things from animals either, and they believe they can make great stuff without it.

Arches & Halos is into making brows look good, but they also care about being nice to animals. They believe in treating everything on Earth kindly.

Juice Beauty is loved by Gwyneth Paltrow, and they’re all about being good for animals and the planet. They use plant colors and make sure no animal testing happens in their supply chain..

CoverGirl is big and now they don’t test on animals, which is a good change. They want to show that being nice to animals doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Mented only makes makeup without animals in it. They care about having good ingredients and makeup for all skin tones.

e.l.f. is known for being affordable and easy to find. They’re into “guilt-free beauty,” and they follow rules about what can’t be in makeup.

Vapour Beauty is about clean makeup inspired by nature. They care about being kind to animals and the environment.

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