Top Cities For a Career in Finance


January 16, 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai is growing really fast, becoming a place for finance. It mixes modern with traditional because of the culture. People from around the world find jobs here even if they don’t speak Arabic.

Frankfurt, Germany


Frankfurt is like Europe’s finance center. Big German banks are here, and it’s a place for business. You can explore Europe from here too.

Hong Kong, China


Hong Kong is like a bridge between China and finance. There are lots of jobs in banking and trading. It’s busy and expensive, but there’s a lot to see.

London, England


London is like a hub for finance in Europe. Big banks and trading happen here. The city has culture and theater, but the weather can be gloomy.

New York, USA


New York is like the king of finance. Many big banks and companies are here. It’s a city that’s always awake, with shows, food, and more.