the_ai_dreams created an interesting Al image series which turned Harry Potter characters into The Office characters. And here, Voldemort joins the Office for a change!

Voldemort Joins The Office

Ginny Weasley's fiery spirit and charm add a magical touch to the office chaos. Her 'Weasley' sense of humour lights up even the dullest meetings! (the_ai_dreams)

Ginny's Enchanting Office

Lestrange brings a dark twist to The Office shenanigans, turning everyday tasks into sinister plots. The photocopier has never been more intimidating! (the_ai_dreams)

Lestrange's Dark Desk

Luna Lovegood's whimsical perspective takes over The Office's madness. (the_ai_dreams)

Luna's Whimsical Workspace

Dobby's unwavering dedication to The Office is as 'freely entertaining as his sock collection. (the_ai_dreams)

Dobby's Office Magic

Siriusly funny: Black's transformation into an Office character is a howling success! He's the office prankster and guard dog, all in one!

Sirius' Office Howls

McGonagall in The Office? Let the catastrophic meetings begin! She's the perfect supervisor, making sure every memo is in order, no matter how many lives it takes.

McConagall's Cat-Tastrophe

Draco Malfoy's 'Pureblood' dedication to Office perfection is legendary. His desk is immaculate, and his meetings are simply magical!

Draco's Office Elegance

Harry Potter takes a break from wizardry to work in The Office, but his spellbinding charm still shines through. Expect flying memos and the occasional wand duel during brainstorming sessions!

Harry's Office Magic

Granger's office skills are as magical as her wizardry. She's the office bookworm, always armed with a solution for even the trickiest spreadsheet spells!

Granger's Bookish Office