He moved up in the criminal world by killing someone who took cocaine he was supposed to transport. He got caught and got a 200-year prison sentence.

José Figueroa Agosto

People think he’s a drug dealer. He got caught with illegal guns and a lot of money. We don’t know how much money he has exactly.

Yaganathan Pillay

He was a big mafia boss in New York. He did things like loan sharking and gambling. He had around $1 billion when he died.

“Fat Tony” Salerno

A Russian guy in crime who’s worth about $10 billion. He did a lot of bad things like killing and drug dealing.

Semion Mogilevich

A Mexican drug boss who used planes to move drugs. He died during surgery to change his look.He died in a Mexican facility in July 1997 after undergoing general plastic surgery to change his appearance.

Amado Carrillo Fuentes

She was a Colombian drug boss who brought cocaine to the U.S. and was involved in many murders. She was killed in 2012.

Griselda Blanco

He sold drugs in Harlem and got drugs directly from Asia. He had about $52 million. He went to jail for selling drugs.

Frank Lucas

He was a big deal during the time when alcohol was illegal. He made a lot of money from illegal activities like selling alcohol and gambling.

Al Capone

He’s from India and is wanted for many crimes including drugs. He’s worth around $6.7 billion.India and the United States first gave him the label of “global fear monger” in 2003.

Dawood Ibrahim

He was a Colombian drug boss and the richest criminal ever. He had about $30 billion and was known for selling a lot of cocaine.

Pablo Escobar

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