10 Bollywood movies banned in India

Bandit Queen was reportedly banned for its "vulgar" "indecent" by censor board

Fire movie revolves around two sisters in law in a lesbian relationship ,the controversial subject led to band

water movie was banned for its controversial portrayal of young widow in Varanasi Ashram

the pink mirror was about to transactional man and a gate teenager who seducced a straight man. the film was banned due to vulgarity

Black Friday is set against the 1993 Bombay blast the film was banned due to ongoing cASE

Said to be allegedly inspired by Joshi Abhyankar's serial murder in 1997, paanch was banned due to violent approach

parzania won a national award but was banned in Gujarat .the film was about the brutal Gujarat riots

Firaaq was yet another film set against the Gujarat riots. The film reportedly heart Hindu and Muslim sentiments and was banned

Kama sutra: a tale of love was banned due to its bold and sexual content

oofan Singh was a film about Khalistan Liberation force member Toofan Singh

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