the electric vehicle and the Clean Energy Company was found by MUSK in 2003. it currently hold the spot as the numbeR AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY IN THE WORLD. 

MUSK created the space exploration company in 2002.  it is one of the most valuable private companies in the world.

the Social Media company was taken over by mUSk and October 2022.

MUSK announced the new artificial intelligence company IN JUJLY 2023.

the construction company was founded by MUSK in 2016 to solve traffic CHALLENGES.

founded in 2016 it is a neurotechnology company developed iMplantable brain machine.

a company focused on door to door sales of solar energy generation system it was found by MUSK'S cousins in2004 AND ACQUIRED BT TESLA IN 2016.

MUSK is co-founded of PayPal the multinational financial technology company founded in 1998. Paypal merged withMUSK'S FORMER COMPANY X.COM , IN 2000.

THOUGH NO longer in the business it was the first enterprise found by the MUSk in 1995 .the company used to act as SEARCHABLE BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

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