Best Chinese Dramas to Watch

The series aired on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV from January 30 to March 1, 2017, and was based on the 2015 xianxia novel by Tang Qi Gong Zi.

Eternal Love

The drama follows two soulmate growers as they unravel puzzles connected to a tragic past event.From June 27 to August 20, 2019, the show aired fifty episodes on Tencent Video in China.

The Untamed

Xing Fei, Lin Yi, and Tang Xiaotian are the main stars of the Chinese television show Put Your Head on My Shoulder. This drama, based on the novel of the same name by Zhao Qianqian,.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Love O2O is a Chinese television series starring Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang, based on the novel of the same name by Gu Man.

Love O2O

Nirvana in Fire garnered immense praise on social media, with 3.55 billion positive comments on Sina Weibo praising its story and characters.

Nirvana in Fire

Li Qingrong and Xiang Xujing are the writers of the Chinese e-sport romance comedy television series Go Go Squid. When the series premiered in 2019, Yang Zi and Li Xian portrayed the lead characters.

Go Go Squid!

.The Chinese streaming television series Le Coup de Foudre, which premiered in 2019, was inspired by the song “I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You.”

Le Coup De Foudre

The Chinese television drama Go Ahead, which aired in 2020, revolves around three main characters who are not biologically related but consider themselves as family.

Go Ahead

Wang Shuang and Xu Kaicheng are the main actors in the 2019 Chinese television series Well-Intended Love. 

Well Intended Love

The main focus of the Gu Man novel, which inspired the film, is the famous actress Qiao Jingjing and her unexpected reunion with Yu Tu in the mobile game Honor of Kings.

You Are My Glory

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