top 5 motorcycles under Rs 70000

It's design and milegae has suck interest  among the new generation.  price: rs 61,000to rs. 69,000.

TVS sports

Top qualities - long seat, adjustable rear suspension and refined engine.

It is powered by a 97.2 cc bs6 engine that produce 7.91 horsepower and 8.05 mm of torque. PRICE: RS. 56,000 TO RS. 64,000.

hero hf deluxe

It is a favourite among people looking for a fuel efficient bike.

 this bike mainly targets are known metro market. PRICE: RS. 67,000 TO RS. 70,000.

Bajaj Platina 100

The bikes platina knuckle protectors make it perfect choice.

 It offers convenience ,style ,and a smooth ride. PRICE: RS. 57,000 TO RS. 62,000.

Hero HF 100

The bike also has the companies sans sensor system, which strives to ensure peak performance.

  It is powered by a 115 CC DTS-engine tone to deliever 8.6 PS of power and 9.81 NM of peak torque. PRICE: RS. 58,000 TO RS. 70,000.

Bajaj CT 110 x

It's luggage rack can carry weight up to 7 kg.

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