What PM Modi Eats to Stay Active and Fit at 73

in April 2021 he shared an Instagram post. where he mentioned the benefits of eating neem, Neem leaves and Mishri.

Ayurvedic food lover

as per sources his breakfast includes a lot of fruit and vegetable and he finishes his first meal of the day by 9 a.m.

fruit and vegetable lover

as per sources he love celebrating his birthday with Homemade Indian thali prepared by his mother which often include  Tawa roti, dal ,sabji and salad.

veg Indian thali lover

during an interaction with nutrition Rujuta diwekar, PM Modi mentioned that his mother always use to mention consuming haldi on a daily basis to boost immunity.

turmeric consumption

in an interview with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar in April 2019, Modi mentioned his love for mangoes and how  would pluck the mangoes from the trees on the farms during his childhood days.

mango lover

during his visit to hunar haat in Feb 2020 Delhi, he shared the experience of enjoying the popular Bihar dish, litti Chokha.

litti Chokha

on his official social media handle ,he is reealed his love for Khichdi. also during his early days in Indian politics he used to cook Khichdi as a Wholesome meal.

Khichdi lover

as per sources during the season of drumstick he enjoy the fresh drumstick paratha as well as which is rich in vitamin c and antioxidants.

drumstick paratha

as per an interview he observe fasting twice a week to stay fit and active.


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